Which wine to accompany the chocolate?

A good wine pairing is one that allows the wine to sublimate the dish by enhancing it. For it to be successful, the agreement must take into account the aromas, flavours and texture of the whole. Chocolate is a complex speciality:

it contains cocoa, which brings bitterness and roasted aromas.
it contains tannins, which provide astringency and power...
it contains sugar, which brings sweetness.
If it is made in a hazardous way, the choice of wine may spoil the chocolate tasting, where it should embellish it. For example, tannic red wines rarely go well with dark chocolate. Their respective tannins conflict rather than complement each other.

So which wine to sublimate a good piece of chocolate?

Sweet red wines. 

Red wines that contain up to 50 grams of residual sugar per litre. France produces very few of them, but they are often found in the world's vineyards: Australian Shiraz, Argentinean Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon or Californian Zinfandel. They will know how to enhance the value of dark chocolates containing less than 60% cocoa. However, they are not recommended for dark chocolates that are too strong.

Sweet white wines, for a strategy of complementarity:

They do not compete with the bitterness and tannins of cocoa, but they bring the sweetness it lacks. French sweet wines will do the job perfectly: Vouvray, Montlouis, Jurançon, Sauternes, Monbazillac. These wines will go very well with chocolates containing less than 70% cocoa.

Muted wines, such as a red Port or a Pineau des Charentes. More alcoholic, powerful and sweet, they know how to stand up to chocolates containing more than 80% cocoa, which have a stronger bitterness!
For the chocolates richest in cocoa, don't hesitate to go and get a liquorice. A peated whisky will perfectly enhance these chocolates with a strong character.

Another option for the lightest chocolates: sparkling wines! Champagne, Crémant, Prosecco, Cava, Sekt. Don't hesitate to try the semi-dry sparkling wine experience!