A man transforms his staircase into a 156-bottle "wine cellar".

If you dream of having a wine cellar, why not have a wine staircase?
This is exactly what Australian builder Murray Berrill created for himself when he renovated his home. Not only do his stairs hold 156 bottles of wine, but they also have a built-in thermometer to make sure everything stays at the ideal temperature. The clever idea was created using prefabricated drawers purchased at a hardware store, and it only took a week and a half to complete.

Although Berrill had never built a staircase to store wine, once he worked out the details, everything fell into place. In addition to the built-in thermometer, Berrill also made sure that the drawers were well insulated. Now he is even thinking of including a cooling unit to cool some of the bottles.

Once Berrill shared his project on the Facebook page of his project, it became clear that the wine staircase was a great emulation. As one person commented: "I'll drink to that idea! Very clever! "while another said: "Omg is the stairway to heaven! Given the popularity of the project, we have the feeling that this will not be the last wine staircase we see. In case you were wondering, Berrill estimates that it cost about 5,500 Australian dollars (about 3,000 euros) to complete the entire project.